The basis of this product line was due to the “GARB” Joint Venture to promote the “Eidal”, “Garbalizer”, “Eidal-Garbalizer” and the “Garbalizer-Eidal” Recycling Equipment and Shredder Designs. Designed in USA but manufactured in Asia and India and worldwide under license agreements.

These products are based on the original designs of the Eidal Shear Shredder Line, owned, designed and developed by Dan Burda and Global Development.

The total Eidal product line has a long history since 1966, and continues with the companies controlled by Dan Burda and his family.

Dan Burda is known in the industry, as the original inventor and owner of the Saturn Shredder Brand and the SSI Shredder Brands.

In regard to the “GARB” project, this Eidal product line was involved in a controlled licensed agreement, made with the Garb-Oil Group, of Utah ( a publically traded company ), with a royalty and stock option agreement to be paid to Dan Burda and Global Development in 2002.

Unfortunately this “GARB” group did not honor their agreement, were eventually listed as a scam group by the industry, and from public records was liquidated in 2009.

Global Development and Dan Burda continued with this project and the core project of  “Shredderhotline.com”  which is the backbone and main concept used by the promotion of the Garbalizer or GARM Venture.

We are the owners of the intellectual property and concepts used in the industry today for the design of recycling equipment in the western world combined with the manufacture of the equipment overseas, to provide lower prices.

The Series of Shredders, known under this venture, that will continue to be promoted and manufactured and sold, are the Eidal, Garbalizer, Eidal-Garbalizer and the Garbalizer-Eidal names.


Shredding Applications

Our state of the art industrial shredders can be used in a variety of recycling applications.

Plastic Recycling

Whether you are looking to starting a recycling facility to collect, shred, recycle and sell different types of plastic or you need to replace your old shredder, we can guide you to make sure you invest in the right type of machinery built with the most strict standards yet at a very affordable price.

E-Waste Recycling

Our E-Waste Recycling systems can separate different types of valuable material to reuse and resale. Our high quality industrial shredders will enable you to shredder and recycle used printers, computers, cables, tablets, household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and other valuable e-waste components.

Wood Pallet Recycling

Our specialized line of shredding equipment will enable you to begin shredding and recycling different types of wood such as wood crates, wood palettes, wood construction materials, wooden ties from traditional train tracks, wood furniture, etc. No matter the condition of the wood, (wet, old, used, new) our shredders and shredding systems will enable you to start a productive recycling business or expand your current recycling facility to accommodate wood recycling.

Metal Recycling

Any type and form of used metal can be recycled. Whether you have old car rims, springs, cars frames, metal construction materials or smaller consumer items, you can use our metal shredders to transform low quality voluminous material into smaller higher quality shredded metal frags.

Tire Recycling

Used tires pose a significant negative impact on the environment. Our tire recycling systems begin by pre-shredding complete car and truck tires to approximately 50-300mm scraps. Then our state of the art raspers enable to automatically separate the rubber fraction from the metal fraction or wire fraction. Our magnetic belts further separate the steel wires from the rubber. The next process of tire recycling involves using our granulators to reduce rubber materials into finer rubber parts. Finally, our vibrating tables and industrial aspirators sort different sizes of rubber crumbs for further processing.


This is a brief history of the Burda Family and how they have made a small idea into a Billion Dollar Industry making recycling equipment….

Below is one of the first surviving pictures of my father, Vern Burda and my sister, Sue Burda who show in a whimsical way a before shredding and after shredding shot…

It was in 1971 when the recycling industry had not leaders in the equipment field …just small families that had visions to bring recycling equipment into the main stream…

The Burda Family, the Newell Family, the Eidal Family, the Kasmerick Family, and the Panning Family, were all early pioneers in the field of recycling equipment shredders…

Our Burda Family financed and pioneered the Saturn, the SSI and the Eidal Shredder lines…and do get the privilege of being in the front of the pack…before it exploded onto a global scale…

In the 1960’s not many people understood recycling nor the concept of recycling…..or the green movement….or earth day….or global warming…or overpopulation…

This is the first 16″ and 21″ shaft center shear type shredders made in the world, circa 1977 with Dan Burda in the background. The Models were the 52-40 and the 96-50….super large machines for this time period…

Today you can’t begin any recycling venture without shredders or balers…and we take pride that we are a pioneering shredder family….

Others that claim this type of fame, should make sure that they know their history….

And who came first……

Dan Burda
Second Generation Shredder Maker
Owner of Shredderhotline.com


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